Parian & Black Stoneware Tea Bowl

Parian & Black Stoneware Tea Bowl


A traditional Wan-Nari (Wooden Shape) stoneware Tea Bowl. The process behind this bowl begins with a handmade wooden bowl, in this case made from English Ash. A casting is taken by hand from the wooden bowl in a marbled mix of white parian porcelain and  black stoneware clay taking care to preserve the woodgrain pattern, afterward the original wooden bowl is burned to ash. This bowl is fired in an oxidation atmosphere to 1260-1280c.

This tea bowl measures 11cm wide and 8cm tall.

Due to high demand this product may take up to 2 weeks to dispatch.

All Wooden & Woven products are handmade in England by the same pair of hands, all the materials used are either locally grown, recycled or sourced from responsible and sustainable sources.

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