Dark Ash Glazed Rice Bowl

Dark Ash Glazed Rice Bowl


This rice bowl is hand thrown from a dark Cornish stoneware clay dug in St Agnes, England.  Fired to 1280-1300 degrees celsius in a gas fuelled kiln with a reduced oxygen atmosphere to obtain rich, earthy green glaze. 

The earliest wood ash glazes can be traced back to the Shang period in China (c. 1500 B.C.), and it is thought they were produced accidentally, the result of white-hot wood ash being carried through the kiln with the draft of the fire and settling onto the pots, where the searing white heat melted it to a glass. Three thousand years later wood ash remains an important and popular feature of pottery glaze making.

Due to high demand this product may take up to 2 weeks to dispatch.

All Wooden & Woven products are handmade in England, the materials used are either locally grown, recycled or from responsible and sustainable sources. 

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