Crazed and Speckled Stoneware Beaker

Crazed and Speckled Stoneware Beaker

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These small vessels are the product of preparatory research by Alexander de Vol for a future art installation which utilises the acoustic activity of glaze post firing. Once these beakers are removed from the kiln the glaze continues to craze and crackle for several days or weeks, during this time the pots make a harmonic sound as each new crack forms. Alex is to produce these beakers for several months, continuously altering the semi porcelain stoneware body and glaze recipes slightly until finding a fit that causes the maximum duration of these sounds.

Each beaker is hand thrown ‘off the hump’ from porcelain clay,  the technique involves throwing multiple pieces from a single large mass of clay on a potters wheel, the clay used for each pot is not measured or weighed before throwing and as a result each individual cup is unique varying slightly in size and form.

Fired to 1260 degrees celsius in an oxidised kiln to produce a glassy white crazed surface, occasionally showing subtle black iron speckles. If used for drinking dark liquids the crazing will darken over time.

Size guide:
Sizes vary, these beakers are thrown for research purposes and must all vary slightly in size. Smaller sizes hold roughly 150ml / 5 fl oz and larger sizes hold roughly 250ml / 9fl oz

Due to high demand this product may take up to 1 week to dispatch.

All Wooden & Woven products are handmade in England, the materials used are either locally grown, recycled or from responsible and sustainable sources. 

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